2023 Amery Fall Festival Directors  Pictured from L-R (back row) :  Michelle Wuellner, Jacob Young, Tony Meyers, Brad Baumgartner, Amanda Troff,  Shane Troff  Pictured from L-R (front row):  Jody Faschingbauer, Lori Friendshuh, Emily Larson,  McKenzie Gamache, Ore Shock, , April Ziemer, Lindsey Pratt, Josh Pratt,  Chelsea Whitley, Clair Gille, Jessica D’Ambrosio  Missing from photo:  Josh Ziemer, Dakota Cavalier, Bob Wuellner, Jenna Hare

Director Area Email Address
Advertising [email protected]
Arts & Crafts [email protected]
Buttons [email protected]
Co-Chairs [email protected]
Float [email protected]
Food [email protected]
Fundraising [email protected]
Parade [email protected]
Queens [email protected]
Run & Walk [email protected]
Tent / Grounds [email protected]
Website/Social Media [email protected]
Entertainment [email protected]
Entertainment – Youth [email protected]
  • 2024 Co-Chairs:  April Ziemer & Andrea Yuhas
  • Director of Advertising/Fundraising: Clair Gille
  • Director of Tents & Grounds – General:  Josh Pratt and Shane Troff
  • Director of Tents & Grounds – Beer Garden:  Josh Ziemer
  • Director of Tents & Grounds – Food Stands:  Tony Meyers
  • Director of Float:  Jacob Young
  • Director of Buttons: Jody Faschingbauer & Lori Friendshuh
  • Directors of Run & Walk: Brad Baumgartner & Chelsea Whitley
  • Director of Parade:  Michelle Wuellner & Bob Wuellner
  • Director of Entertainment:  Jessica D’Ambrosio, Lindsey Pratt, and Josh Pratt
  • Director of Arts & Crafts:  Amanda Troff and Jenna Hare
  • Director of Queens/Stage: Oralee Schock, Emily Larson, McKenzie Gamache
  • Director of Website & Social Media: Lindsey Pratt
  • Treasurer:  April Ziemer

We look forward to seeing you in September!