2020 Amery Fall Festival Directors (photo provided by the Amery Free Press).  Missing from photo:  April & Josh Ziemer, Adam Honl, Brad Baumgarter, Oralee Schock, and Andrea Yuhas.

Director Area Email Address
Advertising AmeryFFadvertising@gmail.com
Arts & Crafts AmeryFFcrafts@gmail.com
Buttons AmeryFFbuttons@gmail.com
Co-Chairs AmeryFFcochair@gmail.com
Float AmeryFFfloat@gmail.com
Food AmeryFFfood@gmail.com
Fundraising AmeryFFfundraising@gmail.com
Parade AmeryFFparade@gmail.com
Queens AmeryFFqueens@gmail.com
Run & Walk AmeryFFrun@gmail.com
Tent / Grounds AmeryFFgrounds@gmail.com
Website/Social Media AmeryFFwebsite@gmail.com
  • 2020 Co-Chair: Deb Palmberg
  • 2020 Co-Chair & Tents & Grounds: Dakota Cavalier
  • Director of Queens/Float: Patti Johnson
  • Director of Advertising/Fundraising: April Ziemer & Clair Gille
  • Directors of Tents & Grounds:  Josh Ziemer, Josh Pratt, Dakota Cavalier, Adam Honl, Eli Johnson
  • Directors of Queens Float:  Doug Johnson & Patti Johnson
  • Director of Buttons: Jody Faschingbauer
  • Directors of Run & Walk: Tony Meyers and Brad Baumgartner
  • Director of Parade:  Marissa Arthur & Michelle Wuellner
  • Director of Food Stands: Adam Honl
  • Director of Arts & Crafts:  Amanda & Shane Troff
  • Directors of Queens/Stage: Oralee Schock, Andrea Yuhas, Emily Larson
  • Director Website & Social Media: Lindsey Pratt