We’re pleased to introduce our new parade float to be utilized our Miss Amery Royalty, representing Amery Fall Festival and the City of Amery, Wisconsin!

Thank you Amery Fall Festival Association, Amery Community Club, and City of Amery for your monetary donations to this project.

Curious how to build a parade float? 🚧 Here’s a video briefly showing our process thus far in 2023! 🤩
Thank you to our volunteers for the project: Josh, Lindsey, and Paisley Pratt and Lindsey’s parents, Art & Irene Willers. FUN FACT: Josh and Lindsey has also help build the parade float approx 15 years ago – Lindsey had designed the “old” float too!
Also, thank you to the wonderful local businesses that we’ve hired throughout the process – refer to video for details!
Lastly, thank you Amery Fall Festival, Amery Community Club, and City of Amery, Wisconsin for your financial contributions to this project! Our Miss Amery Royalty will look fantastic on this new float while representing Amery at area events throughout the year 🤩
2023 Miss Amery Royalty new float